Maritime and Safety Training

Since 1985, Maritime and Safety Training has been your trusted source of a wide range of quality training services. If you’re in the seafood or maritime industry, we’re here to get you the knowledge and experience you need to further your career in the field that you love so much.

Maritime and Safety Training is regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority and, as a result, delivers nationally recognised training in all territories and states in Australia.

If you need to get more experience by way of commercial vessel training, we can allow you to do exactly that. We can help you get your boat licence and/or jet ski licence, your coxswain licence and more – all with one of our trusted training courses that takes you out of a standard classroom environment and puts you back on the high seas where you belong.

How about a boat licence, a jet ski licence or a coxswain licence? Maritime and Safety Training (M.A.S.T.) is here for you.

Subsidised training is available for NSW, under Smart and Skilled.

M.A.S.T. NSW is recognised by the NSW Roads and Maritime Service as a Recognised Training Provider.

M.A.S.T. VIC is recognised by Transport Safety Victoria as an accredited training provider.

Popular Courses

Boat Licence

Obtaining you boat licence in NSW requires successful completion of the theory exam and completion of a logbook or practical on water course.

Obtaining your boat licence in VIC requires a three to four-hour course and a test, after which you will obtain your “Certificate of Successful Completion.”

Read more about our Boat Licence Course.


Jet Ski Licence

In addition to obtaining a boat licence, your jet ski licence exam involves 15 multiple choice questions in NSW. Group bookings are always available. Read more about our Jet Ski Licence Course.