Jet Ski (PWC) Licence

You can obtain your Jet Ski (PWC) licence with a one-day training course from Maritime and Safety Training. Courses are conducted in all areas of Victoria and NSW.

You are required to earn a general Boat Licence before qualifying for a Jet Ski (PWC) licence in accordance with NSW RMS guidelines. Please contact us at 1300 302 123 to discuss your specific training needs or whether you require assistance in selecting a suitable course for yourself, a family member or group booking.

Course Details

The course normally takes place at the end of a scheduled boat licence course or as a stand-alone course that lasts around one hour. Applicants who have already received their boat licence and are requiring their PWC licence are welcome to sit in on the boat licence course as a refresher when it is run in conjunction. The Jet Ski course consists of a written assessment. Once the Jet Ski (PWC) course and exam have been finalised, you will need to complete a licence application form that we supply to you. You then need to present the licence form and fee to a Government Service Centre in NSW. There is no need for additional testing as you are now qualified for a JET SKI (PWC) LICENCE.

Exam Details

  • Consists of 15 multiple choice questions
  • No more than 3 answers can be incorrect
  • You may immediately resit the exam if it is failed initially
  • A consequent failure will require you to take the test again at a future date without charge. If you would like additional training before the exam you may attend a training session for free.

Jet Ski (PWC) Licence - Fees

  • Seminar and Test (upgrade from General Boat Licence): $70

Maritime and Safety Training Victoria

We are able to conduct Victorian Jet Ski Licence courses anywhere across the state from our base on the Mornington Peninsula and Albury/Wodonga. We are accredited training providers recognised by Transport Safety Victoria and we make it easy and affordable to get your Victorian Jet Ski Licence. To ensure our courses remain cost effective, we may only run them with a minimum number of attendees.

Victorian Jet Ski Course

The Jet Ski (PWC) course and exam is conducted in enjoyable and casual surrounds and usually lasts for approximately 45 minutes once the boat licence exam has been completed. Observing the boat licence procedure will stand you in good stead for when you take the exam for your Victorian Jet Ski Licence.

Upon completion of the Jet Ski (PWC) training course you will be issued with a ‘Transport Safety Victoria – Certificate Of Attainment For Marine Licence Training’ that is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Visit a Vic Roads office and present your certificate, pay the fee and you will be issued with your Victorian Marine Licence. At this stage there is no further requirement for testing.

About The Exam

  • 15 multiple choice questions
  • No more than two incorrect answers in order to pass
  • You may immediately resit the exam upon failure of the first
  • A secondary failure will mean taking the exam once more at a future date without further cost. If you require further training prior to resitting the exam, you may attend another Victorian course, also without charge.


  • Seminar and test: $60 PWC Endorsement

Students from CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) backgrounds

Information for students who require assistance with material delivered in English.

Friends or family can assist students during the training course as long as it causes no disruption to fellow students.

Once other students have completed their exams and vacated the room, the assessment will commence under ATP supervision.

Interpreters are welcome to attend on the condition they produce valid professional documents and accreditation, such as the certificate of business incorporation or proof from the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

Students are welcome to have a designated course for themselves or alongside a group with a shared CALD background. The minimum cost of this will be no less than the combined cost of 10 students. Any group containing in excess of 10 students will be charged at the normal cost per student. All interpreter expenses are the responsibility of the student/s.

Interpreter services are also available upon request for any CALD student wishing to have them present during a Vic Roads Service Centre visit.